Worth Keeping :
A Collection of Archival and Experimental Pages

Research.RyderDesign is a place for my unconventional, noncommercial and experimental webthings. It's a companion site to my main website at ryder design.  

  It's the only place on the web to find my full authorised biography.

  As well as early thoughts on the galactic republic.

  Plus a books page for the book-people.


Responsive versions of favourite pages from my archived website.


"Well, how did I get here?"

image of -web page with black and white view of the Rocky Mountains at Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains at Colorado Springs, Colorado, ca. 1960

Big Words

An experiment in large-font typography.

image of web page with Declaration of Independence in big type
Still true, still imperfectly realised. By far.


To remember the printed page.

Library page detail, frontespiece of gentlemen flaneurs with title page opposite
Frontespiece of Physiology of Marriage, Caxton Edition

Following Up

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